ABOUT Newmyu Method

“KOGAO” Face Slimming & Skull Correction Treatment

Getting treatment by “Newmyu Method”, you will feel no pain.
Within10minutes you will start noticing the changes in you face line.
It is like a magical experience you can sense in a little moment of an hour.

We all want to fully prepare your mind and your body for special occasions for your work,
relationships or even a little unexpected chances in life.
Many people tend to choose to do…

  • 1 Excessive Fasting
  • 2 High priced Esthetics
  • 3 Try a trending Exercise

However, many of these options will cost money and time…
On top of that, you will need a lot of patience until you start seeing satisfying results.

For those of you…
We proudly introduce “Newmyu Method” to experience a moment to take good care of one selves.
Every women’s dream is to feel the positive changes without an excessive effort and time…
and use them for a new challenge in life.
To see our patient’s satisfaction in front of the mirror full with smile and an enriching mind,
That’s what we aiming for and seek as pleasure.