“Newmyu Method” offers you 2 types of procedures.

1. Start…

Rest your tiring legs in a foot bath mixed with special Organic Clay & Rock Salt that are also drinkable.
In this procedure, you will warm and relax your body while excreting waste matters from your body.

2. Course…

[BASIC PLAN: Face Trimming & Skull Correction]

Adequate Massage for your shoulder and scapula in sitting position.

[PREMIUM PLAN: Face Trimming & Skull Correction]

Adequate Lymph Massage around décolleté area using Organic Montana Massage Oil from INSOLE.

3. To correct…

Face, Skull and Fascia Correction Treatment.
In this procedure we give careful massage for your face, skull and fascia area all by hand using a mirror observing minor changes in those areas. Also, there are no need to take off your make-up and eyelash extensions since we don’t use machines or oils during this procedure.

4. After tea…

After experiencing the “Newmyu Method”, we will prepare an Organic Herb Tea for relaxation.

We give very careful treatment and also cope individual requests, there might be a slight changes in the procedure completing in about an hour.

During our Skull Correcting Treatment, you will experience a very careful head massage for your skull bones made from 23 parts by letting the cerebrospinal fluid flow smoothly. This will also help correcting the face line symmetric. You will also feel the changes from your inner body being energized.